E-mail: gyurka2@yahoo.com tel: 0368807289
I have not a spectaculous biography. No much exhibitions , no awards , no success. I'm self-educated in the arts field , without schools or oficial studies . I can say that I have realy discovered my painting 20 years ago, because I 've never seen someone painting , not even how to begin. It came all alone by many testing . After a while I've sold a few paintings and that gave me the courage to continue . It was very difficult because of my themes , in the time of full-"blown"comunism in Romania was forbidden . Since that time I reached to survive by my paintings but very, very hard. Nowadays I exhibit in galleries in Austria, Germany and France. Although I have not money to buy a photocamera to make captures of my artworks. I left my job 17 years ago taking the risk , but believing in art . Best regards, Gyuri
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